Epoxy Prepregs

ST 70

  • Award winning SPRINT™ matrix
  • Long out-life at room temperature
  • Zero volatile / solvent content
  • Available with a range of reinforcements
  • Controllable in thick sections
  • Low exothermic properties
  • Excellent laminate quality, low bleed

ST 70 is part of the range of SPRINT™ products. This unique product range provides technically and commercially competitive engineering materials, ideal for use either solely, or in conjunction with other products from within the product range along with other Gurit products.

ST 70 is a hot melt, Diuron free epoxy SPRINT™ ideally suited to the manufacture of thick sections. It can be cured at temperatures as low as 70°C / 160°F, but can also be used for the rapid manufacture of components through its 25-minute cure at 120°C / 250°F. All of this can be achieved together with an out-life of 21 days at 21°C / 70°F.

ST 70 is designed for vacuum bag processing and offers excellent mechanical performance on glass fibre reinforcements. Currently ST 70 is manufactured into a SPRINT™ structure with E-glass and Carbon fibres, which are manufactured into biax or woven materials.

Typical Applications

ST 70 is widely used in sandwich structures with honeycomb, foam and balsa cores, primarily with the toughened SA 70 Adhesive Film.

Essential Product

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