Epoxy Prepregs

SE 70

  • Low temperature 70°C / 160°F curing.
  • Faster cycle times at elevated temperature
  • Excellent balance of mechanical properties and toughness
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Long out-life - up to 4 weeks at 18-22°C / 65-72°F
  • Range of compatible adhesive films and ancillary products
  • Suitable for vacuum bag, press or autoclave consolidation

Gurit’s SE 70 is a hot melt, low temperature cure, epoxy prepreg system. It has been developed for use in the construction of large components using low energy cure cycles. Excellent properties can be achieved with a processing temperature of just 70°C / 160°F. From this cure temperature the system exhibits very good mechanical properties and excellent toughness.

Cure temperature for a 16 hours cure cycle is 70°C / 160°F - this temperature allows less expensive tooling and ovens to be used, with lower thermal movement and distortion. Faster cures are available from higher cure temperatures. However, thicker sections (>10mm) will require the insertion of a suitable dwell into the cure cycle. Up to 20mm thick laminates may be moulded at 70°C / 160°F with a peak exotherm only slightly above the cure temperature.

Typical Applications

SE 70 is widely used in sandwich structures with honeycomb, foam and balsa cores, primarily with the toughened SA 70 Adhesive Film.

Essential Product

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