• Volatile-free curing system
  • Economical, fast curing system (10 minutes at 160ºC / 320ºF)
  • Long shelf and shop life
  • Excellent FST and Heat Release (HR) behaviour, fulfils ABD0031
  • Optimised surface quality
  • No hazardous compounds

Gurit’s Benzoxazine prepregs represent the next generation of fire-retardant chemistry where similar FST properties to phenolics are required. An advantage of Benzoxazine chemistry is that it is phenol and formaldehyde free meeting the latest environmental standards.

Additionally, during cure, Benzoxazine prepregs are volatile-free resulting in low void and porus-free components, therefore eliminating costly reworking processes associated with the manufacture of phenolic-based prepreg components.


PB1000 benzoxazine resin has been developed for the realisation of extremely lightweight composite structures with high specific mechanical properties and high FST requirements.

Such composite structures can be exposed easily to temperatures in the range of -55°C up to +80°C (-67 up to 176°F). The prepreg material is suitable for monolithic and sandwich structures:


  • Aviation and aerospace industries
  • Rail industries